Jet Wire
 The type of Internet service we provide is known as “fixed-point wireless Internet.” An Internet antenna (installed at your location) communicates wirelessly with one of our Internet transmitters (located on a tower up on a mountain or at a neighborhood relay site). This wireless communication is secure (encrypted).
Your Internet antenna connects to a router (inside your location) via a CAT5e ethernet cable. Thus, NO phone line is required. Your router then connects to all of your computers, network printers, gaming consoles, VoIP adapters, etc. either via a CAT5e cable or via a wireless connection (wifi).
So when you access a webpage or your email from your computer, the signal travels from your computer to your router to the Internet antenna to our Internet transmitter, out over the Internet and then back. 
On the day of install, we will mount the Internet antenna on: (a) the face board of the roof; (b) the chimney; (c) an outside wall; (d) a fence or railing; (e) a cemented pole in the ground; or (f) any other acceptable mounting surface with a good line-of-sight to our transmitter. 
Visual line of sight from your internet antenna to our mountain transmitter is essential for the service to work properly. Trees, houses and other obstructions can reduce or even block the signal completely.